Crabbelaer is a new aromatic blond beer from the beautiful city of Ghent, a beer brewed and marketed by two of the city’s sons  for beer lovers everywhere.

Crabbelaer is a blond beer of the saison type ale, made with 3 kinds of malt and an aromatic duo of hop varieties. It is characterized by its creamy collar and light cloudiness imparted by the combination of wheat malt and yeast. The smooth flavour lingers long on the palate and is overlaid by subtle hints of apricot and pineapple. With its slightly acidic edge and excellent rounded bitter notes, Crabbelaer is ideal as an aperitif or the perfect accompaniment for a meal.

7,5% vol alc and 35 EBU (European Bitterness Units scale).


Where to buy ?

Crabbelaer is available from a range of outlets in and around Ghent. An overview of these places can be found under ‘where’.


How everything started…

In 2013 Benoit and Kristof joined forces
to realise a shared dream. After many months of preparation their passion for beer, their respect for Ghent´s cultural heritage and  their entrepreneurial flair, culminated in a beer that brought their dream to life.

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How to drink this delicious blond beer?

Serve Crabbelaer at a temperature of 4 -7°C. Ideally, pour the beer into a bowl- or tulip-shaped glass, which will help to release the aromas and enhance the flavours. A grease-free glass will ensure the formation of a fine creamy head. You can choose whether or not to pour the light yeast sediment into the glass. Doing so will impart a slight clouding to the beer. To savour the beer take your time. Hold the glass up to a light, look at the colour, the bubbles and the head. Smell the collar of foam, swirl the beer around the glass, then smell a second time. Take small sips letting the liquid flow over  the tongue allowing the layers of flavour to emerge. Breathe out through the nose and swallow. In this way the beer´s rich flavours become pronounced as they pass through the rear of the nasal passage.


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