Ghent a gem of a city

There is no doubt that Ghent spans the ages, a city that is steeped in history, but at the same time a city that is thoroughly modern. It boasts its own university (one of the country’s largest), a thriving port and a vibrant cultural scene that brings life to the city throughout the year. Ask any Ghent citizen what they think of their city and you’ll find the same unanimous expression of love for the place. And with good reason! Ghent is one of Europe’s most stunning destinations, small enough to feel cosy but big enough to have the fizz and dynamism of a large city. In Ghent we live and we work, but we also ENJOY our city every single day.

Crabbelaer, brewed by people of Ghent and for the people of Ghent, fits perfectly within the story of this beautiful city. During the sixties and seventies, all 300 breweries in Ghent were shut down leaving the city without any living evidence of its brewing history. In 2009, that all changed with the opening of the city brewery Gruut. And with the expected opening of Brewery The 6 Helmets, Ghent is once again becoming a real beer city!

Next to the historic and cultural story, Ghent also profiles itself as a true ‘foodie city’. With the belief that eating should be a culinary adventure, , Ghent wants to transform  daily ‘eating and drinking’ into a real experience. Crabbelaer fits perfectly into this story. With its medium strength, bitter notes and depth of flavour, it is possible to savour Crabbelaer before, during and after a meal, but it can also be used as a flavoursome ingredient in many delicious dishes.

Ghent in the Newspapers July 2015