Kristof Vanderbist

Kristof graduated as a brewing engineer from KAHO,Ghent in 1993. After an internship at Brewery Orval and P&G Pringles, he entered the world of packaging and helped create the innerliner of the Perfect Draft KEG’s of Heineken. Since 2011, Kristof has been active as a consultant within his own company, My Kingdom For a Horse. Kristof has brewed several beers for various occasions and groups, such as theatre companies, musicals, etc. He has always been fascinated by “the life within a brewery”, a work environment in which employees strive with one heart and one mind to create a product they take enormous pride in.

Benoit Dubrulle

Benoit is the manager of the creative graphic design agency AGX and an entrepreneur through and through. He is inspired by the authenticity and beauty that we can see in people when we look closely enough. and he is driven by the desire to bring out the best in himself and his team in order to achieve his goals. Besides, he is a great beerlover.